Summer Lovin’: Greenmarket Cocktail Tips & Techniques

Summer Lovin': Greenmarket Cocktail Tips & Techniques 10

As we enter the proverbial “dog days” of summer, and the heat on the pavement seems to amplify the humidity in the air until we’re nearly drowning in our own sweat, well… what we’re trying to say is, we could use a cool, refreshing drink. Thankfully, the tail end of summer brings us much more … Read More

Starting Points for the Sake Novice

Starting Points for the Sake Novice 9

The world of Japanese sake may seem like a lot to take on: the labels are beautiful but written with a tangle of unfamiliar characters! The very best sake has a haunting flavor that always seems just out of reach and always just beyond description. Like its alcoholic cousin wine, description of sake can easily slide into poetry and … Read More

The Diamond’s Edge: A Sojourn In Greece With Diamond Imports

The Diamond's Edge: A Sojourn In Greece With Diamond Imports 5

{Featured image: The breathtaking valley of Ghymno in the Nemea appellation} A week and a half before the mast in Greece—we must have been dreaming, but so the prospect stood. Ted Diamantis of Diamond Importers, the finest Greek portfolio in America and, naturally, Skurnik’s source, was taking us on a trip. “Eternally modern”, proclaims Greece’s … Read More

Ceaseless Wild: A Tribute to Grace & the Grenache of California

Ceaseless Wild: A Tribute to Grace & the Grenache of California 7

Grenache Clone 362 is readily described in two ways. First, you can refer to ENTAV, a French organization responsible for the selection, conservation, and distribution of vinifera clones. They cataloged 362, after all, and have described it – but in fewer words – as: first selected in 1975, and largely propagated in the Languedoc-Roussillon. It … Read More

Merkelbach: Soul of the Mosel

Merkelbach: Soul of the Mosel 2

Visitors remark that tasting with Alfred and Rolf Merkelbach at their home in Ürzig, at the base of the Würtzgarten, is to travel back in time. Not much has changed in over 60 years, including the brother’s approach to winemaking. The lists of wines on offer are typed up on an old typewriter and are … Read More

Skurnik In One Word

Skurnik In One Word

We asked our employees and producers “In one word, what does Skurnik mean to you?” Here’s what they had to say…  

Brain Freeze: Boozy Popsicles And Blended Drinks

Auto Draft 57

It’s officially summer! Summer is hanging out on front stoops, backyard BBQ’s, trips to the beach, picnics in the park, and floating down rivers. Summer provides the perfect excuse to lounge outside… preferably with a drink in hand. With temperatures climbing, nothing could be more refreshing than something frozen with a bit of alcohol. Even if … Read More

Domaine de la Petite Gallee: Lyon’s Gamay King

Domaine de la Petite Gallee: Lyon's Gamay King

Domaine de la Petite Gallee is an original. Just south of Lyon, France’s culinary capital, lies the tiny hamlet of Millery. Found in the heart of the oldest section of the Coteaux du Lyonnais, this idyllic little town and its surrounding rolling hills are home to some of the finest terroir for growing Gamay outside … Read More