Tzora Vineyards

The Judean Hills, where Tzora Vineyards resides, rise sharply from the coastal plain, and exhibit ideal growing conditions for growing wine grapes. Terraces cling to this rugged area in a multitude of directions as they follow the contours of the steep slopes. Cold winters, sharp temperature drops during the short summer nights and early morning summer mists, as well as variations in soils from rocky limestone outcrops to ones rich in minerals, all contribute to the character, the balance and the great longevity of the wines.

“Set on Kibbutz Tzora at the foothills of the Jerusalem Mountains and overlooking the Soreq Valley, this formerly kibbutz-owned winery released its first 1,500 bottles from the 1993 vintage. Production is currently about 80,000 bottles annually. The winery has full control over its own vineyards, those yielding Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer. The Tzora wines have been kosher since the 2002 vintage. Oh yes, Tzora will be getting its fifth star in the 2012 edition of my books.”
– Daniel Rogov, Israel’s preeminent wine critic, Rogov’s Guides

The wines of Tzora reflect the Judean Hills’ unique terroir. In order to achieve this goal, they make wine only from their estate’s fruit, grown in three vineyards, Giv’at Hachalukim, Shoresh and Neve Ilan, each with varying soils and meso-climates.

Winemaker Eran Pick studied at UC-Davis and is the first Israeli to complete the Master of Wine. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the winemaking at Tzora. Jean-Claude Berrouet of Chateau Petrus is a consultant with Tzora as well. Berrouet says, “My idea is that together with Tzora Vineyards we wish to develop a wine that tells a sincere, authentic story of the local soil and climate through people who share their passion, ability and experience.”

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