Teddy Hall Wines

Teddy Hall Wines was born in 2006 in response to a demand for a fresher styled, less overtly wooded Chenin Blanc. Reacting to the popularity of his eponymous wine line within his former winery Rudera, Teddy focused all his attention on expanding the range. Recognized as South Africa’s king of Chenin Blanc, Teddy has won the WINE magazine Chenin Blanc Challenge a total of four times! (2001/02/04/05); and in 2003 received an invitation to join the Cape Winemakers Guild.

Teddy Hall began his career the way many bright young students do: attending business school; then landing a great job working as a broker during the booming 80’s. Part of any successful businessman’s routine consists of dinners and what is a good meal without good wine? It was this enjoyment of wine that ultimately led to the sea change in his life. As Teddy puts it, “It wasn’t a case of me consuming wine – which I did! – but wine beginning to consume me…”

He enrolled as a student at the University of Stellenbosch in 1995, studying viticulture and oenology over the next few years. In 1998 he began working at Kanu, a brand new winery in Stellenbosch. Wasting no time, Teddy created his own label, Rudera, as a sideline in 1999 and bottling his first solo wine in 2001. Within the framework of Rudera, the Teddy Hall line was created.

With the rising popularity of the Teddy Hall line of wines, Teddy split off the label as its own entity. He is currently working on expanding the line of Teddy Hall wines beyond just the fresh bottling of Summer Moments. Please be on the lookout for more exciting bottlings from this dynamic South African winemaker!

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