Raimbault Noel et Jean-Luc

In the petite village of Sury-en-Vaux, one of the most picturesque villages in Sancerre, sits one of the finest sources for laser cut and lacy Sauvignon Blanc – Noël et Jean Luc Raimbault. During our trip to France in July, we received an inside tip that there was a family owned winery in Sury that was not yet exported and possessed a classic blend of the holy trinity of Loire terroir – silex, caillotes, and terres blanches. Our ears immediately perked up – finding Sancerre vineyards with any silex soils is rare to begin with, but finding one that doesn’t have US representation is practically impossible.  A rendezvous was immediately set up. Once we tasted the wines, we were speechless, for we knew that we had struck gold.

The Raimbault domaine delivers older-vine Sancerre that is raised on the sacred soils of the Loire – with an absurdly high percentage of silex for a classic bottling – and aged only in tank.

What we’re looking for is Sancerre that captures the essence of the appellation—always razor-fresh, with layers of white fruit and plenty of mineral purity. This beauty, pulled from gnarled vines that sit on the upper reaches of the Sury vineyard slopes, is a jewel of  Sancerre that delivers pure Sauvignon love.