Joostenberg Wines

Tyrrel and Philip Myburgh are the fifth generation proprietors of this family farm located in the Western Cape. In addition to wine, they grow fruit and raise cattle.

Mixed agriculture was practiced from the early days and wine and brandy was made on the farm from the early 1800’s until 1947. Joostenberg was bought by the Myburgh family in 1879 and ownership has remained in the family since then. In 1947 winemaking ceased and for the following 52 years grapes were sold to the local co-op. In 1999 brothers Tyrrel and Philip resumed the winemaking tradition.

Joostenberg is situated in the Muldersvlei area approximately 15km north of Stellenbosch and 15km west of Paarl. The wines carry the “Wine of Origin Paarl” designation. Annual rainfall is 640mm, most of which occurs during winter. During the ripening period the grapes are cooled by morning mists and late afternoon southerly winds (the “Cape Doctor”) blowing from the Atlantic Ocean.

Soils are predominantly duplex (i.e. multi-layered) with a heavy clay subsoil and topsoil which varies between decomposed granite and shale. They currently have 32 hectares under vine.

In keeping with both a commitment to environmentally friendly farming practices and a desire to produce wines that reflect their origin all the vineyards are farmed according to organic principles. They do not irrigate and have low yields for the region. They keep the winemaking as natural as possible, and will receive organic certification later this year.

A minimal intervention approach is followed in the winery. Most wines are fermented using natural yeasts and all additives are kept to an absolute minimum. The use of new wood is restricted in order to maximize the terroir expression.

Farming Practice:
Certified Organic

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