Famiglia Statella

Following an eight year stint as chief oenologist of Terre Nere, Colagero Statella and his wife, Rita, decided to purchase a vineyard of their own in the Pettinociarelle district of Mount Etna. Once brimming with grape growers, this small appellation was at one time on the verge of extinction as a winegrowing region following WWII, when farmers abandoned their vineyards in favor of higher production olive groves. Thankfully, a handful of folks kept the spirit of the region alive and well, allowing the next generation to step in where they left off. Enter: Famiglia Statella.

With a total of 1 hectare planted to north-facing vines, all located at over 750 meters above sea level, Calogero and Rita made the commitment to focus on sustainable, organic farming. As Calogero puts it, “The aim is to make wines of an extremely high quality that expresses the strong character of this area.” On Mount Etna, that means a focus on the noble grape of the mountain, Nerello Mascalese, which makes up 90% of their Etna Rosso blend, all planted in the volcanic soils Pettinociarelle is so well known for.

Please join us as we welcome Famiglia Statella to our own Skurnik family and celebrate the special place that is Pettinociarelle.

Farming Practice:
Practicing Organic

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