Bodegas Lopez Grimon

Bodegas López Grimón is a centuries-old estate which dates back to 1570. After a series of devastating volcanic eruptions from 1730-1736 the landscape was forever changed and a unique style of viticulture developed. The modern history of López Grimón starts in 1979 when Don Germán López Figueras, a wine-lover, acquires the country house of La Geria from the Fajardo family. The country house, built in the 17th century, included a noble home, service quarters, the winery, which covered most of the constructed area, and a land of vineyards stretching on three hectares. Don Germán acquired the property mainly for the winery as he wanted to devote himself to his great passion: wine making

For decades, the winery used the equipment of the old winery to make wine in a home-made way: wooden traditional presses of the early 20th century, ancient stone presses dug in the ground, and cement tanks to store the wine. As years passed, more hectares of vineyard were acquired; the old winery was restored and extended to where, today, the wines are produced. Set in La Geria and surrounded by centenarian eucalyptuses, the winery stands solemnly overlooking the National Park of Timanfaya.

The area of La Geria in Lanzarote is known for its unique way of growing grapes from volcanic ash. The eruptions of the Timanfaya National Park forced to replace the cornfields per acres with vineyards. The vines of Lanzarote are century-old vineyards in the ashes of the volcano create a way of cultivation that is one of the most unique in the world. Vines are planted in hollows, holes of conic shape dug out of volcanic ash, which allows the vine to get to the soil under the dense layer of ashes. The holes are protected with a small wall made of stones, the “soco”, to protect the vine from the wind.

The planting is ungrafted, due to the absence of phylloxera.

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