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Low ABV Libations: Proof is in the Cocktail


Have you ever found yourself at a hip new restaurant, perusing the cocktail menu, but confounded by a list that doesn’t seem to include any spirits? What’s a drink made with Americano, vermouth, lime and sour beer? Only the lime juice seems familiar. You may be in a restaurant which only uses a beer/wine license … Read More

Skurnik in the Well: Solid to the Core

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Over the past four years, your friends at Skurnik Wines & Spirits have specifically curated a portfolio able to meet the needs of every quality bar, restaurant or retailer and their programs. The perception that “Skurnik’s spirits portfolio is too cool for my clientele” should be long gone. Today, let’s examine some of the core … Read More

Summer Lovin’: Greenmarket Cocktail Tips & Techniques

Summer Lovin': Greenmarket Cocktail Tips & Techniques 10

As we enter the proverbial “dog days” of summer, and the heat on the pavement seems to amplify the humidity in the air until we’re nearly drowning in our own sweat, well… what we’re trying to say is, we could use a cool, refreshing drink. Thankfully, the tail end of summer brings us much more … Read More

Brain Freeze: Boozy Popsicles And Blended Drinks

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It’s officially summer! Summer is hanging out on front stoops, backyard BBQ’s, trips to the beach, picnics in the park, and floating down rivers. Summer provides the perfect excuse to lounge outside… preferably with a drink in hand. With temperatures climbing, nothing could be more refreshing than something frozen with a bit of alcohol. Even if … Read More