Podere Brizio

We often tell our sales team just how good they have it—we have incredible estate-bottled wines in stock at incredibly competitive prices – and this has never been more true than with this sleeper estate in our book… A top small producer, making beautifully elegant wines in Montalcino… Podere Brizio. This 9 hectare estate is located in Sant’Angelo in Colle, an area of Montalcino known for producing long-lived wines of great elegance and finesse. Once a part of the larger Pieve di Santa Restituta estate, when proprietor Roberto Bellini sold Pieve to Angelo Gaja in 1996, he held onto the tiny Podere Brizio parcel because he felt its quality far exceeded the other holdings that now make up Gaja’s Montalcino adventure. Aside from Gaja, Brizio’s neighbors also include the famous Case Basse of Gianfranco Soldera as well as our very own Mocali.

Needless to say, with Gaja’s wines exceeding the $1200 cs range, and the stratospheric prices of Soldera, we feel strongly that Brizio represents a huge value to our customers. We were thrilled to discover the estate’s cache of older vintages, and even more excited when we saw the incredible prices at which we can offer them to you! Rest assured that if you were to see a library offering from one of Brizio’s more famous neighbors in Montalcino, prices would far exceed Brizio’s for a ten year old wine, stored impeccably at the estate’s cellars until we put it on a refrigerated container to come to our refrigerated warehouse (to be delivered to our customers on our refrigerated trucks).

Brizio’s Brunello is an 1800 case production gem aged in a mixture of barriques and 35 hectoliter casks, while the 800 case production Rosso ages exclusively in small French oak barrels and is released a year later than usual. The Riserva, a 400 case production wine, comes from a 30 year old parcel of vines that yield exceptional results. It’s aged in 35 hectoliter casks and tonneau.

The silver coin on the labels of the wine is known as the “Parpagliola.” Minted in 1556, it shows the she-wolf of Siena with the writing “The Republic of Siena in Monte Ilicino.” The name of the city we now know as Montalcino derives from the Italian for Mountain of the Ilex (or Holly tree). This is a symbol of a turbulent time in Tuscany’s history: After the Florentines had beaten the Sienese out of their own city in 1555, the nobles of Siena fled to Montalcino to reform their republic under the aegis of the king of France.

We hope you enjoy the wines as much as we do!

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