Nortico is produced on the south bank of the Minho River in plots so small they are called “jardins”, gardens in Portuguese. Soils here are granite and shiest and although it rains a lot (2,000 mL annually) the inland area is a little warmer than the coastal plantings allowing for a perfect maturation.

From Rui Abecassis, founder of Obrigado: “Nortico is one of those projects that has been in the making for quite some time. It starts in the family’s small tile atelier where I learned to love tiles. The ceramic tile atelier was more a labor of passion and tenacity than business, as it always seemed to be on the brink of bankruptcy! To this day tiles are still produced there exactly like in the 18th century, each 14 x 14cm tile is produced from scratch and painted by hand. Walking the streets of Oporto or Lisboa tiles are in both modest and important buildings, in churches, in hospitals and stores, in private houses and public gardens. Tiles are a durable building material, an early form of storytelling and graphic design. We wanted the Nortico label to evoke those tiles to capture that spirit and Portuguese aesthetics.”

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