Armas de Guerra

With an incredible presence all over Spain and specially in Galicia, the winery developed an impressive media communication campaign with, for example, advertising on important radio stations, such as Radio Madrid, with the broadcast of the “pasodoble” composed for the anisette they used to produce “Anís Bérgidum”. But Vinos Guerra had also its own advertising sign in Puerta del Sol (Madrid) together with other beverages such as Cinzano or González Byass.
Apart from the wines and the anisette just mentioned, the winery also produced aguardiente (liqueur), brandy, vermouth and many other beverages such as Cola York (advertised and sold as the Coca Cola made in Bierzo). A powerful export company selling in many countries (specially Latin America, USA and Europe) reaching out the strength of its brand, like only a few Spanish wineries managed to, and not only thanks to the many countries where Vinos Guerra was exporting, but also its high turnover. A¬er many years of constant innovation (one of the most incredible examples, is the wine commercialized in smaller bottles than the usual 750 ml. and closed with caps like beer bottles), the winery joined the new cooperative Vinos del Bierzo. Founded in 1963 with the best technology and equipment from France, the cooperative gave the decisive impulse to the sales of the wines from Bierzo and therefore highly contributed to preserve one of the most important treasures of Bierzo: its ancient vineyards. Nowadays, a¬er many years of consistent efforts, Vinos del Bierzo represents 40% of the sales of the appellation Bierzo Now is the time for new investment, new plans and new wines for the new century. An important leap aft¬er 135 years with the first results already showing in our latest wines defining the new Bierzo. Tradition and technology. History together with a future wide open to take on new challenges to satisfy new consumers. It’s not a full stop, but simply a way to reinvent ourselves to continue sharing our passion for Bierzo.

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