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Farm to Bottle: An Interview with Neversink Spirits

Farm to Bottle: An Interview with Neversink Spirits 2

Featured Image: Yoni Rabino, left, and Noah Braunstein, owners of Neversink Spirits. The young distilling duo behind Neversink Spirits, Noah Braunstein and Yoni Rabino, sat down with Skunik Spirits and answered some questions about the history of their inspiration, progress, and pitfalls. Based in Port Chester New York, they let us gain some insight into … Read More



Rum is as ancient as distillation itself. Most historians agree that, when humans first learned to refine fermented alcohol into a distilled spirit, the first booze we made was from the juice of sugarcane. It makes sense. No natural sugar is so easily fermented as, well, sugar itself. When Alexander the Great came to the … Read More

Ignite Your Spirits!

Ignite Your Spirits!

Winter is always a time of recovery, resolution, hibernation, hunkering down, working hard, and for some of us, hard drinking. Whether you are looking for consolation or celebration in bottle form, what better than something with a little extra kick like overproof spirits? What is proof? Alcohol proof is a measure of the content of … Read More

Spirits of Passion: A Valentine’s Day Guide


Featured image: Shutterstock Today is the modern holiday of love, Valentine’s Day. While there may be mixed feelings about this holiday, we are here to make sure that whether you are celebrating or not, we all enjoy February 14th to the absolute fullest. For this special occasion let’s focus on the world of distillation. There … Read More