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Grüner Veltliner: Austria’s Glorious Grape


Grüner Veltliner, like Riesling, is a grape that creates an incredible array of wines from long-aging, richly-dense, fruited wines to high-toned, electric, and racy versions. Its history begins in Austria where it is still the grape supreme. But for many American wine-drinkers Grüner Veltliner burst onto the scene in the early two-thousands.  Forward-thinking restaurateurs and … Read More

American Winemaker Video Series: Sashi Moorman

Tectonic Origins: A Glimpse Into Sta. Rita Hills

Sashi Moorman is a winemaker. And, in navigating the Sta. Rita Hills and their surrounds, he is a rather adept geographer, historian, geologist, and storyteller, too. This versatility is not a parlor trick, but a necessity of his craft: Sashi’s wines are unrelenting works of intricate engagement with terroir. What’s more, on a good day, … Read More

April Showers: Our Favorite Floral Cocktails

April Showers: Our Favorite Floral Cocktails

We love flowers! Not just looking at, smelling, arranging, planting, stroking (just to see if they are real!), but we also love drinking them. Nothing delights us more than sitting at our favorite bar with a cocktail covered in flowers. The intense colors contrast beautifully with the typically muted pastels of the liquid inside the … Read More

Terry Theise’s 2016 Germany Vintage Report

Terry Theise's 2016 Germany Vintage Report 1

Terry has returned from Germany after tasting at over 30 estates from the Mosel to the Pfalz and his latest vintage report is in! I have a bad habit of burying the lead. This time I won’t. Nearly every vintage, even good, excellent or great ones, has a shadow side that expresses as a common … Read More