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The Legacy of Graillot: Maxime Graillot & Domaine Equis

Graillot 1

Featured Image: Maxime & Alain Graillot Photo: Gunnar Lier There is perhaps no industry where the weight of past generations is felt more acutely than in the world of wine. For elite domaines, each generational change invites the risk of falling into ruin, or worse yet, mediocrity. However history has shown us that the crushing weight … Read More

Benchmark Biodynamic Burgundy: Domaine de l’Arlot


To fall in love with Burgundy is to resign oneself to a life of equal parts euphoria and edification. It is both an academic and hedonistic endeavor that may last a lifetime. Finding a domaine that produces wines capable of delivering consistent pleasure from their infancy in the barrel, to their 30 year anniversary, can … Read More

On Top of the World – Château de Pibarnon in Bandol


 “Château de Pibarnon is one of Bandol’s best estates.” -The Wine Spectator When thinking of the ideal for a domaine, the image conjured is one of a solitary estate, perched atop a hill, overlooking pastoral vineyards, humbly making world class wines vintage after vintage. It is an ideal that is increasingly rare in the world. … Read More