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The Ninth Floor: A Spirited Tasting & After-Party!

The Ninth Floor: A Spirited Tasting & After-Party! 2

Over the past years, we have all grown: the portfolio, our extended family of suppliers, our dedicated team, our unwavering customers, and their loyal patrons. The industry as a whole has come a long way, as shown by the increasing interest in championing the little guy, brand and bar alike. Four years ago, almost to … Read More

June 2016 Theise Tasting

June 2016 Theise Tasting 52

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for our 2016 Terry Theise Fall DI Tasting at Tribeca Grill! The 2015 vintage is shaping up to be a real stunner in both Germany and Austria.  2015 offers wines of generosity and easy pleasures. We truly hope you enjoyed sampling over two hundred Rieslings and Grüner Veltliners with all … Read More